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Xylazine can be swallowed, inhaled, smoked, snorted, or injected into the muscle or vein. There is no information on vaping. It has rapid onset within minutes and can last 8 hours or longer depending upon the dose, way it was taken, and whether it was mixed with an opioid or other drug.

How is xylazine given?
Most of these effects consist of bradycardia and hypotension. Xylazine inhibits the effects of postganglionic nerve stimulation. Xylazine can be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously or orally. The commercial product contains 23.32 mg/ml xylazine hydrochloride in water based injectable solution.

In recent years, xylazine, which is commonly known as “tranq,” has helped to accelerate the already-deadly U.S. drug crisis. The drug is increasingly being mixed into illicit opioids like fentanyl, contributing to overdose spikes across the country, particularly in northeastern cities like Philadelphia and New York.



Xylazine is a non-opiate sedative, analgesic, and muscle relaxant only authorized in the United
States for veterinary use according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is not currently a
controlled substance under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. Xylazine was first noted as an
adulterant in Puerto Rico in the early 2000s through DEA reporting and laboratory analysis, and
around a decade later it was documented on the island as a drug of abuse on its own, which has
continued to present.
In licit sales for veterinary use, xylazine is available in liquid form and sold in vials or preloaded
syringes. These solutions are prepared at a concentration appropriate for administration by
injection based on the general size and weight of the species. It is legitimately sold directly
through pharmaceutical distributors and Internet sites catering to veterinarians. However,
xylazine is also readily available for purchase on other Internet sites in liquid and powder form,
often with no association to the veterinary profession nor requirements to prove legitimate need.
At this low price, its use as an adulterant
may increase the profit for illicit drug traffickers, as its psychoactive effects allows them to reduce
the amount of fentanyl or heroin used in a mixture. It may also attract customers looking for a
longer high since xylazine is described as having many of the same effects for users as opioids,
but with a longer-lasting effect than fentanyl alone. Some users intentionally seek out heroin or
fentanyl mixed with xylazine, while many are completely unaware it is included as an adulterant.
Conversely, there are also users who try to avoid opioids mixed with xylazine, stating that it
reduces the euphoria experienced with heroin or a heroin-fentanyl mix or that they fear its added

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